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Join Deborah Graham’s Psychic Connection Club—either monthly or annually—in order to get early (and discounted!) access to workshops, new merchandise, Deb’s Astro Chart for the week, plus more_ Monthly Subscriber Reg.jpg



The payment for annual or monthly subscriptions to the Psychic Connection Club may take up 5-7 days to process. Subscribers allow Psychic Deborah Graham, LLC, (owners of the Psychic Connection Club) to send subscribers' emails, alerts and notifications of new products and promotions, and subscribers understand that any discount or promotion of any merchandise prior to it going public, is for a limited amount of time only.  Subscriber understands that if they don’t act within the limited time offer, subscriber has waived their discount for said product or promotion.  Deborah Graham, LLC is not responsible for any inaccurate promotions; however, will use its best endeavor to rectify the misprint or claim.  In the event that any product is defective, subscriber will email, notifying them of the defect, and will return the defective merchandise back to Deborah Graham, LLC at [DEB PLEASE GIVE ADDRESS].  Subscriber agrees that Deborah Graham, LLC may have first refusal to replace defected merchandise before providing a refund (minus any processing, shipping and handling fees). Monthly subscriptions may be canceled within 30 days notice by emailing  Annual memberships are non-refundable.   Subscribers agree that a psychic’s ability isn’t a science but an intuition that cannot always be accurate, and in the event of a health prediction, subscriber should always check with a medical professional prior to taking any advice for a psychic. Subscriber holds Deborah Graham and her staff harmless of any inaccurate predictions.