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The Deborah Graham Psychic Crystal Collection is exclusively designed and channeled by Deborah herself. These amazing stones attract  the energy of the universe for the sole purpose of raising your vibration. The crystals will help you become more connected to yourself and may help clear some of the blockages of your old energy. In this series there are five different crystal collections. Whether you're looking for spiritual grounding, more calmness around you, love and relationship building or even attracting a newfound career, as example, The Deborah Graham Psychic Crystal Collection will be you intimate guide to receiving positivity and the spiritual energy that will soon surround you.   

·   There will be five crystals in each collection.

·   You need to hold them close to you. 

·   When meditating, keep them next to your third chakra (your stomach) or belly button.

·   You can also carry and keep them with you or even house them within your mattress + boxspring to balance you.

·   Meditate with them for at least a half hour and focus on your intentions:  Do you need more love in your life?  A healthier outlook?  A more successful career?  These are just a few of the intentions that The Deborah Graham Psychic Crystal Collection will help you with.

·       Disclaimer: There is no guarantee these crystals will help make anything happen. They will help open yourself up to new beginnings and possibilities. No refunds or exchanges.